Small Groups

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Small groups are an informal space where you are invited to meet and share with others. At WPMF, these groups are created by individuals with some shared interest like fellowship, study, sharing, and/or prayer. All groups are generally open to new members but please reach out to the listed group contact person to be certain or contact the Pastoral Team. Our current small groups are:

Black, Indigenous, People of Color

  • Contact: Jonny Rashid
  • Location: Northwest Philadelphia
  • Frequency: Monthly, Sunday nights
  • Focus: Fellowship for BIPOC

West Philly Table

  • Contact: Alex and Amanda Esh Bouwman
  • Location: West Philadelphia
  • Frequency: Twice a month
  • Focus: Meets for a potluck meal. The small group is informal. There are typically 10-20 people who come, including children.

Dream Group

  • Contact: Sheldon Rich
  • Location: Varied Homes
  • Frequency: Monthly-alternating between Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings
  • Focus: Members of the group engage in a process of active listening and group reflection to help gain insight about what their dreams may reveal in terms of personal and spiritual development. Participation requires no special prep other than a willingness to share from your own dream experiences and to respect and maintain group confidentiality.

Lectio Divina

  • Contact: Brenda Rich
  • Location: Upper Darby
  • Frequency: Alternating Sunday evenings
  • Focus: Latin for “Divine Word”, lectio is an ancient Christian practice of reading and meditating on Scripture to listen for how the scripture connects to our lives, and for what God may be inviting us to through what was heard. Lots of silence, along with listening, sharing, and prayer.

Northwest WPMFers

  • Contact: Linda & Mel Esh
  • Location: Northwest Philadelphia
  • Frequency: Monthly, Sunday nights
  • Focus: Fellowship over a meal together

White Allies Book Club

  • Contact: Nancy Geryk
  • Location: Zoom
  • Frequency: Every other Tuesday at noon
  • Focus: Raise awareness of racism in our society

Women’s Breakfast Group

  • Contact: Mary Martin
  • Location: West Philadelphia
  • Frequency: One Saturday morning a month
  • Focus: Women’s gathering

Men’s Breakfast Group

  • Contact: Matt MacNeill
  • Location: TBD
  • Frequency: One Saturday morning a month
  • Focus: Men’s gathering

Bible Study Group

  • Contact: Linda Esh
  • Location: Zoom
  • Frequency: First and third Sundays at 5:30PM
  • Focus: Bible study

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