Welcome to WPMF!

If you are looking for a church community, please consider joining with us some Sunday morning.  We meet for worship each Sunday at 9:30 am at 123 S. 51st St, in West Philadelphia.  Please note that the sign on the building currently says Mosaic Community Church.

As followers of Christ, we value the community of faith as a central part of the Gospel, opening the door and accepting, in love and humility, whomever the Spirit draws inside.  We hope that this is a place where we can all feel accepted and loved by those around us, for whoever we are.

Who are we?  We come from all over.  Some of us come from Mennonite backgrounds, while others of us grew up in other Protestant, Roman Catholic, or Jewish religious traditions, or none at all.  We are students, teachers, social workers, homemakers, missionaries, artists, construction workers, computer programmers, health-care workers, and other professionals.  Our common faith in God through Jesus Christ binds us together.

We welcome people of any ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, status, physical or mental ability to join us on this journey of drawing closer to God.  Please visit us and consider joining with us as we journey together.