Giving to WPMF

Join with us as we strive to be community together and live out God’s call.  We welcome your presence with us and hope that you find in WPMF a place to call home.  We also welcome your gifts of time and money, as you join with us in support of the ministries of this church.  How Do I Donate?

If you want to know more about financial giving at WPMF and how your gifts may be used, feel free to explore the Giving FAQs or ask one of the deacons, the folks who look after the finances of the church.

Missions Giving at WPMF 

One decision that was made when WPMF was formed was that we wanted to be intentional about giving money away.  With that in mind, it was decided that a line item in our annual budget would be called Missions and it would always be at least 10% of that year’s annual budget.  So the more we spend, the more we need to give away.  At the time of this writing, we are giving away almost $20,000 each year.

So who gets all of that money and how is that decided?  These questions and many more can be answered by exploring the Missions Giving FAQs and reading the next section about your part in making this work.

Your Part 

Obviously we cannot support the ministries of the church or our missions giving program without your financial support.  We thank you for your help.

But it’s not just about financial giving.  There are many people who work to make all of the pieces come together.  You are part of this process!

  • The deacons oversee everything related to financials (budgets, giving and spending).
  • Folks in charge of the office and those leading the ministries of the church, wisely use the monies allocated to them, submitting budget requests for the next year, based on their ministry’s needs.
  • Individuals, representing the organizations to whom we give, introduce us to the people who receive our gifts and teach us how these organizations and individuals teach and give back to us.
  • Members and attenders come together at financial meetings to learn, make suggestions and be supportive of the work of the church, as seen through the lens of our finances and being an agent of positive change in our communities and our world.
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